With the Tanzquartier Wien Austria for the first time has an institution dedicated exclusively to the genre of contemporary dance and performance. Since its foundation in 2001 it has positioned itself as an experimental, discussion-oriented and open house.

Sited in the MuseumsQuartier – one of the ten biggest cultural spaces in the world – the house has two performance venues:
The main performance area of the house is Hall G, with a seating capacity of 300. From September to April the TQW stages a weekly programme of local and international dance/performance productions.

The studio complex operates all year round, with three studios, space for daily training and workshops for professional dancers and for research projects, showings, lectures and discussions.

The attached theory and information centre (with a public library, video library and journal gallery) rounds off the comprehensive facilities and programme provided by this centre for contemporary dance and performance.


The Tanzquartier Wien has established itself as a lively production, information and training venue:

· As a presentation venue the TQW shows the most innovative current art forms: the house’s own productions, guest shows, symposia, lectures, discussions, try-outs and discussions with the artists provide the public with the current trends in the field of dance/performance.

· As a production venue, where the house’s own productions and co-productions are created in dialogue with international and local choreographers, dancers and performers. Artists from central, eastern and south-eastern Europe as well as from Austria are regularly invited to take up long-term residences.

· As an information site the TQW has established itself as a competence centre for contemporary dance and performance which has created an international network of the Austrian dance and performance scene and which leads discussions with the public and artists at a theoretical level.

· As a research venue, where artists have the opportunity to raise current questions on dance and performance arts with colleagues and the public and to work on and deepen them in labs, workshops and interdisciplinary working groups.

· As a location for further training the house offers professional choreographers, dancers and performers training opportunities as well as technical and project-oriented workshops at an international level.



The weekly programme in Hall G offers a varied mix of international guest performances and local dance/performance productions. Simultaneously, the studios stage open labs, public showings and lectures. Each season, during the factory season in May and June, the studio complex becomes the main performance area of the house.

The Theory and Information Centre, which is open to the public, offers a library, video library and journal gallery, as well as Internet workstations for everyone interested in dance and performance. Lectures, panel discussions and symposia facilitate a lively discourse between performative practice and theory.

For professional dancers and performers the Tanzquartier Wien not only offers daily training but also a varied range of dance-technique workshops. The workshops open themselves to the public by staging showings. The studios are regularly used for auditions by local and international companies and choreographers.

Local and international artists/theoreticians are invited in the framework of the research programme, consisting of open labs and project workshops, to pursue artistic questions at the interface between theory and practice. The public is invited to participate in their research processes in public showings and in discussions with artists.

One of the main concerns of the house is the continual exchange with artists and centres for contemporary dance and performance in central, eastern and south-east Europe. Twice a year the Tanzquartier Wien invites choreographers from eastern Europe on a two-month residency.