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the skin of autumn (amsterdam)

oliver's monitor... for chris's show

skin angles - angle´s skin (skin individuality 1)

skin shelf (skin history)

... harings (skin change)

on a hairy day (skin imprints)

thumbs up (individuality 2)

a walk trough the city

austrian national day 26.10.03

vienna orange

ohio orange (31/10/03)

8 holes box


Skizze für Instruktionsvideo

filling places with people

Now you can have the body you've (n)ever wanted 
Below you find the online-documentaion of the research-lab 'now you can have the body you (n)ever wanted', taking place 20th-31st October 2004 in two locations in Vienna: the studios of TQW (Tanzquartier Wien) and the university for applied arts (Universität für Angewandte Kunst in Wien).

Auf dieser Seite finden Sie die Onlinedokumentation des Labors 'now you can have the body you (n)ever wanted', dass zwischen dem 20. und 31. Oktober 2003 in den Studios des Tanzquartier Wien und in Räumen der Universität für Angewandte Kunst in Wien stattfindet.

Heine R. Avdal
Oliver Bokan
Andrea Bozic
Mathias Brunner

Christina Ciupke
Scott deLahunta

Synes Elischka
Mariella Greil
Nik Haffner
Chris Haring
Franziska Hoffman
Claudia Larcher
Clemens Leuschner
Andra Perrin
Sarah Weckert
Julia Willms
Markus Wintersberger
Chris Ziegler
Veronika Zott

as guests/lectures:
Marie-Luise Angerer, as guest 23./24.Oct, public lecture 23.Oct, 18h30 as part of 'open lab' at tqw studios.
Anselm Wagner, as guest 29./30.Oct, public lecture 30.Oct, 18h30 as part of 'open lab' at tqw studios.



This lab log is set up as a repository for a chronological ordering of texts and images along a vertical, scrollable axis. The context and method for doing this consists of (1) an interface (by Elisabeth Damboeck) that can be used by everyone; (2) placing the computer in the TQW studio where it can be accessed whenever the inspiration to make an entry or contribution is felt.


A preparation email from Nik Haffner to everyone:

From: NikHaffner@aol.com
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 22:50:51 EDT
Subject: tqw lab
To: all participants

Dear all,

as our meeting is coming up, here some information about the lab 'now you can

have the body you've (n)ever wanted'.

Who will participate in the lab?

Altogether there will be 18 artists from the fields of dance/choreography and media-art. A list of everybody is attached. The idea is to see the lab as an open source for everyone involved - to meet, to connect through the work and to give and gain inspiration.

How will we introduce ourselves?

There will be time during the first days to give each of us the possibility to introduce ourselves. This you can do by simply telling who you are and what you do, or you can bring some material and work examples to show. 

What to bring along?

Curiosity and.....
As some of you have already worked on themes related to the labs' topics (skin, outline, layers, surface,..), it would be great if you can remember to bring some kind of documentation on these projects or research material you think might be valid to share (texts, photos, videos,..). If you can bring software you would like to present and work with or  additional equpment (laptop, camera,..), that would be great of course. Maybe remember to bring some comfy clothes....the kind you like to shake your skin around in a little.

What will the schedule and structure of the lab be like?

We will work both at the Tanzquartier Wien (short TQW) and at the University of Applied Art Vienna (short: Angewandte). On the first Monday, we will take a walk together from TQW to Angewandte.

MORNINGS: We will meet in the mornings at TQW to talk, show work in progress from the previous day, collect and exchange new input. Also we will take a look at how different people within our group prepare and warm up for their usual work: this might be a physical warm-up, or it might involve reading / working on a text, building a screen,... How do you prepare before starting to work?

MIDDAY: We will organize the lunch-break in a way that we can eat together, so that we don't have to run out to find food, spend a lot of money, get lost... . This will be a simple lunch of sandwiches/salad. This way we can also use the time over lunch to get to know each other and talk in an relaxed atmosphere.

AFTERNOONS: The afternoons we will use for working on different projects in groups. The groups will work both at TQW and at the Angewandte. If needed we will arrange to come together once more in the early evening. For people who wish to work into the evening this is easier at the Angewandte, as the doors of TQW close early each night. 

There will be an 'open lab' on Thursdays, the first one on Oct 23rd and then again on our second-last day, Oct 29th, as well as lectures by Marie-Luise Angerer  and Anselm Wagner. Also we have the possibility to put notes we make / materials we collect on the web: http://www.tqw.at/labdocu. Scott deLahunta will help during the first days to initiate our supply of contributions for this site.I will send another email in the next days, with info about exactly where and when we will meet.

A few thoughts about our topic: (below you also find the program-text of the lab).

-skin as physical and psychological place of transfer for perception (skin reacting to very different kinds of stimulus)

-skin as identity (unique finger-print for example)

-skin as storing place / memory of time and past experiences (birth-mark, scar, wrinkles)

Skin is the surface and the cover, which simultaneously covers the body and shows it. It is the separation and communication surface between the internal body and the external space. How can the skin, as the cover and outline of the human body, be thought of and perceived in the communication medium of dance and the visual media today? How do we deal with our bodily surface with the potential of the digital and apparently limitless processing possibilities? Can skin as a boundary be made permeable, and thus another bodily space be unveiled and dis-covered? In the two-week lab, artists from the fields of dance and media art come together to pose these questions. Practical experiment and theoretical reflection complement each other in this investigation. The lectures and open labs offer those interested an insight into the lab and its subject. A daily online-journal of this project can be found at http://www.tqw.at/labdocu.

The topic should be seen as a starting point for us. This starting point can take us to other topics and questions. For example, during the preparations for this lab Markus Winterberger suggested the question: what is the skin of a city? Let us see and be surprised about where our investigations will take us.

Looking forward to our meeting

all the best,



Andra, note from 21-10-03:
keywords for project 'handbox' with Heine, Oliver, Andra:
Hautnah, proximity, celluloid film, tactile visuality, to touch / to be touched, 1 carton box, curtains, light, toothpicks, slimy


22 October 2003

Reflections on Lab: day one and two

The individuals participating in the lab are either born or are currently working in several different countries (Belgium, Norway, Austria, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Netherlands). English is the main language spoken as the one that everyone can share... but some of the entries in this log may reflect first languages.

The concept for the lab was to explore the coming together of two artistic disciplines, choreography and media art. The theme is "skin". The structure of the first two days has followed four lines (1) an orientation to the two main indoors spaces the lab is using at TQW and at the University of Applied Arts [Angewandte]; (2) preparations for working and thinking and warm-ups offered by different people (Nik, Markus and Clemens in the first two days ? all three meditations on skin/ surfaces); (3) showing of each other?s work; (4) and in the afternoon of the second day breaking into small groups to make something on the theme of FRUIT in connection to "skin".

entry Scott deLahunta 10.00 22/10/03


Afternoon -- 22 October... full from lunch. Lunch was preceded by a small piece of work by Julia, Andrea and Christina. They organised us sitting in rows of 8 back to back and facing two monitors. Lying in front of us on long pieces of towel with piles of fruit and vegetables (celery, carrot, banana, apple, cucumber). We were instructed to copy exactly what we would see on the monitors. The three of them had videotaped themselves eating the food, same type, in order and in unison. They struggled to keep a straight face. We followed their instructions, they videotaped us and played it back.


entry SD 15.40 22/10

Morning -- 23 October... Amsterdam. Recalling the shape of the first district on the map of Vienna with TQW on one side and the Angewandte on the other. Chris Haring describing how he got accustomed to seeing the colors coming from the beamer when you stare directly into it for 80 performances of D.A.V.E.; Synes clearly shows an interest in verticality and I find out he's a rock climber; Christina works on the 'irritation of perception'; and Mariella on 'movement monochromes'; watching the reflections in Heine's eye. Oliver's drawing of the monitor come to pieces.

The sharing of methods and images for bringing work into shape. The point at which shapes become forms. Methods give rise to structures. Material is revealed when the idea hits the media... or media hits an idea.

So what is happening there today?

entry SD 10:49 23/10

(I forgot to mention that as a reflection of and on the lab you should not feel forced to express yourself here only in english. Use the language that suits the situation for you.)


Evening -- 23 October... Vienna, TQW we managed to put our first picture online!!! yeah!
skin angles - animated - show 4 different skinangles, which look similar. the owner of the body who gave the picture had difficulties to tell where they were taken.

4 topics for discussion:
- individuality
- history
- change
- imprints
 on/of skin....


entry nik, 25th october:
the weather in Vienna: after we had snow(!) two days ago, today: blue sky, sun, cold and clear air, beautiful light.

After spending most of yesterday talking together, today people are busy working on previously started or new projects. I take the time to sum up some of the questions, topics that came up during the conversations yesterday. In the afternoon Marie-Luise Angerer joined the conversation, giving more inspiring input after her lecture she gave the night before. It seems that we are beginning to explore into different directions. Some of the questions, directions, suggestions, ideas, I want to sum up in two lists. The first list is a collection of ideas and topics different people in the lab are interested to further explore in practical projects and research. The second list deals with thoughts that were articulated yesterday regarding ways of working and sharing/exchanging the process within a lab-group in general.

list one, contents:
-the sound of skin
-the smell of skin
-tactile sense
-the impossibility of separating senses (Markus)
-no sense without nonsense
-layers: skin, clothes, car, house, city...
-signals (uniform, sun-bed tanning,...)
-city as organism, body, skin. the mapping of...
-invisible layers and borders (also in city) surrounding the body (Christina)
-extension of skin/body/energy into space, example car as extension of ones' body
-phantom limbs
-skin as filter, not as border, but as an edge (Andrea)
-standing on edges, literal (Synes)
-skin and pain (Sarah)
-skin as carrier of information/storage and memory on the surface
-imprints (Mariella, Veronika)
-giving instructions: penetrating/intruding someones space/terretory...
-the outside and inside of skin
-cleaning and cleansing of the outside/inside. ritual of preparing skin: shaving, make-up,...(Chris H)
-dirt / dirty...what is dirt and why?
-skin as metaphore (Chris Z)
-food, drink, smoke, creme as strong effects on the body/skin from outside and inside, especially while pregnant (Andra)

list two/lab work in general:
-how to pass on an experiance to someone who was not there?
-how to document/archive/present the process during our lab?
-Heine suggesting to go backwards though the steps that lead you to the currant state
-Markus mentioning that he experiances it very differently when working with one, two, or more people
-to find the balance between 'open floating' and just enough structure to stay clear (getting confused and loosing oneself in something, also as potential)
-groups working on simelar lines to work side by side, to feed exchange

now people seem to be wandering over to the university/Angewandte, to continue or start try-outs....so i go, too.
Scott, nice to have you still with us here.


Andra, entry on 25-10-03:
project 'instructions' (Claudia, Sarah, Andra, Clemens, Christina): Schatten filmen - exakt den Anweisungen folgen - 2 konträre Anweisungen bekommen - der Kamera Anweisungen geben


27/10/2003 Eintrag von Veronika:
die wände ändern sich - die körper ändern sich ebenso - das gewand - die drei schichten der haut - die spuren welche man hinterlässt


Mariella, entry on Oct 27th
(a quote in regard to the 'imprint'- project)
"(s)exuality is detached from any natural object and is handed over to fantasy"
Laplanche / Pontalis


Clemens, 28/10/03:
"instructions, rules, orders, borders for the mind and body, restrictions for an easier life. Building somebody through instructions, getting built by somebody through instructions, build the instructions through somebody, getting built by instructions through instructions, getting built by somebody through somebody"

Beispiel instruction text:
Komm mal n Schritt nach vorne Kannst n Schritt nach hinten gehen KOmm mal n schritt nach vorne bitte Kannst n schritt nach hinter gehen Kannst Dich umdrehen Kannst du die Kamera angucken Kannste Dich umdrehen bitte Kannste vorne bleiben, nach vorne gucken Kannste Dich bitte umdrehen Kannste wieder nach vornegucken Kannste Dich bitte umdrehen Kannst Du nach oben gucken Geh mal nach rechts bitte....



Columbus Ohio (28/10/03) is a long way from Vienna -- but the collaboration framework here bears some similarities. Dancers/ choreographer and media artists from ACCAD http://www.accad.ohio-state.edu/.

Some phrases from a session this summer in Maine:

"naming activities with the arms"
"find surfaces on each other"
"increase activity in upper arm"
"drawing on the inside of the elbow"
"if this isn't too much to think about ... hands and fingers"
"try less surface"
"keep your back in a parallel plane like that"
"lower arms can also have path"
"let them close in front of the body and weave as well"
"longer pauses"
"give the fingers more information"
"go back to the body as part of the surface"
"that extended body thing is really cool"
"still have that whole arm score going"
"between floating and finding your feet is interesting"
"as much parallel spine you can find is beautiful"
"it's nice using your feet on the surface of the rock"
"think about the side of your body in the same way that you started"
"go back to that sense this is a standing wall"
"make your way along away from robbie"

Entry: Scott 28/10/03