Marzipan or Plexi


Sat. 21 March 20.30 TQW / Hall G
Performance sketch

Performance: Marijs Boulogne, Eva Schram, Timna Vanhecke and seven dancers from the Emanat Dance Institute concept, direction and text: Marijs Boulogne dramaturgy: Marianne Van Kerkhoven costumes: Rachid Laachir

Special thanks to Valentine Kempynck, Sabina Potocki and City of Women.

Gravitation (from Lat. gravitas: "heavy") is the physical force that describes the mutual attraction of masses. Above and beyond that, in the psychological sense it is to be understood as an affection between people, which on its part can lead to new difficulties – such as to pregnancy, which in Romance languages is often derived from gravitas. Taking up the various meanings of the word, the performance sketch Marzipan or Plexi by the Belgian theatre maker Marijs Boulogne tells of the friendship of a pregnant girl with a mermaid, of the life of sea creatures in a gigantic deep-sea aquarium and of desires, symbiosis and sexuality. When one day the Plexiglas wall of the container bursts, the sea creatures are released into another reality and new gravity.

Co-production: Buelens Paulina and Emanat Institute (Institute for affirmation and development of the art of dance)/Ljubljana with Bunker/Stara Elektrarna/Ljubljana, Kaaitheater/Brussels

Gravity - programme

03/21/2009    20.30 h TQW / Halle G