Klaus Werner-Lobo (A)
The Way to True Idiocy


06 – 10 April 
Mon – Fri 16.00 – 19.30

This course is not about the clowns we know from the circus or as soulless animators, but about the discovery of one’s own, individual "inner clown", and with the help of this to gain more pleasure in playing, presence and connection with the audience and the environment. The clown is the image of imperfection: the archetype of someone who loses, falls down, fails – and continually gets up again so that he (and the audience) can take pleasure in his own ridiculousness. His nose is red because he’s constantly falling flat on his face, cries a lot and drinks too much. His clothes are too big because they don’t belong to him. But he is a happy loser: because anyone who has lost everything, even his own dignity, has nothing left to lose. And anyone with nothing left to lose is free, can do and allow what they want  – on stage, in creative processes or in everyday relations. And thereby a different and essentially more humane form of dignity develops: this emerges from the acceptance of one’s own basic condition as a loser, without insults and resentments, without self-pity and without making anyone responsible for your own failure. Because he who laughs last laughs longest.
The workshop is primarily intended to contribute to losing the fear of one’s own ridiculousness – and the demand to be liked. To develop pleasure in the act and "showing oneself" without thinking about social expectations of behaviour, achievement, perfection and status. The course is divided into physical training, group games and individual work. The last of these, above all, can be a painful path, because – also with the aid of targeted provocations – it confronts us with our own fears and defects. At the end, however, there is an honourable goal:  the joy of being a true idiot and also being loved for it.

In preparation all participants are requested to add a few lines to the registration on their own motivation and expectations of the course. Clothing: preferable long training trousers plus a T-shirt with no logo. Please at all costs arrive punctually, if possible 15 minutes before the start and begin warm-up exercises (yoga, stretching etc.)!

Klaus Werner-Lobo lives in Vienna as a freelance author and clown. He studied environmental biology, Romance languages and German literature in Vienna and acting in Rio de Janeiro. He became known through his world best-seller Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen and his latest book Uns gehört die Welt!, which he presents as a clown in the show of the same name. Werner-Lobo has studied with internationally famous clowns such as  Jango Edwards, Philippe Gaulier, Sotigui Kouyaté, Leris Colombaioni and Leo Bassi, with whom he also appeared in his work La Revelación. Currently Werner-Lobo is completing the psychotherapeutic Propädeutikum (introductory semester) at the University of Vienna. His clown workshops are essentially based on the Grotowski-derived method of the Brazilian group Lume Teatro. http://klauswerner.com/

04/06/2009    16.00 - 19.30 h TQW / Studios
04/07/2009    16.00 - 19.30 h TQW / Studios
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