Hubsi Kramar (A)
The living advent calendar, or: the ultimate consequence of consumption is cannibalism

“You enter the room of the event: before you rises an outsize advent calendar, 4 x 6 metres, with 24 doors which hide behind them short stories by artists from the most diverse branches of the arts on the topic of advent. A pilgrimage in which joy as well as pain, yearnings and visions happen.. ADVENT, ADVENT– BUSINESS IS BOOMING! The wrapping paper of yearning, peace and love tells lies around the cruel package: “Hurra, Hurra, we dance around the golden calf, taarraa.” The distorted Si-ilent Night horror in the glaring light of pitiless advertising paper chains. This vampirish fuss has a name: and the ultimate consequence of consumption is cannibalism. Happy Christmas! Or will we really manage to love? Clear the ring for the living advent calendar.” (Hubsi Kramar) On 6 December, following the opening of the calendar doors to music, candlelight and fiery KRAMBAMBULI drinks, Advent will be celebrated together. All the Best! A Walk. At 17.15 on 5 December in a section of Hubsi Kramar’s project Tanzquartier Wien / Hall G is one of the 11 stations of the cultural Advent walk in the Vienna’s 7th District. The walk starts at 17.00 in the Zoom children’s museum. At half-hourly intervals there then follow the Tanzquartier Wien, Architekturzentrum Wien, mica, Orpheus Trust, Klangforum wien, Sieben*stern, Projekttheater, Tanzatelier Wien, Medienwerkstatt and the Literaturhaus (concluding party).
12/06/2002    20.30 Halle G   
12/07/2002    20.30 Halle G