Robert Steijn (NL)
Dramaturgy Seminar Part 2: Dramaturgy Coaching

29 November - 3 December
Information discussion: Mon., 9.30-10.30
Timetable:                   Mon., 11.00-14.00 
                                  Tue.-Fri., 10.00-13.30 
                                  Mon.-Fri., 15.00-18.30

Choreographers can invite Robert Steijn to visit them in the rehearsal studio or, if no rehearsals are taking place at the time, can hold discussions with him on the basis of videos or formulated texts. An information discussion for all will be held on Monday. Registration with Katrin Roschangar, two weeks before the start of the workshop at the latest, please:
Tel.: 01-581 35 91-50

Dramaturgical advice is no more and no less than entering into a dialogue with someone and scrutinising things one sees during the rehearsal work. The dramaturge seeks to recall what the choreographer has told him about his initial intentions and analyses the feelings evoked by what he sees in comparison with what was previously discussed. “The longer I work, the more I would like to focus on the following questions: How does dance communicate with the audience? What does it communicate? And what do performers and choreographers have to offer to themselves and to the audience?” (Robert Steijn).

Robert Steijn (1958), dramaturge, performance artist and author, studied Slavic languages and dance and theatre studies in Utrecht/NL. He started his career as a dance critic with “Het Utrechts Nieuwsblad” and was editor in chief of the Netherlands theatre journal “Toneel Theatraal”. From 1992-99 he worked as a curator and dramaturge for NEStheatres, two small theatre festivals in Amsterdam. Further he worked as a dramaturge for choreographers such as Connie Heggen, Desiree Delauney and Katrine Brown. He translated several of Chekhov’s plays for the Netherlands stage, performed with Ambient-Theater-Kompanie Love & Orgasm Amsterdam and created performance installations such as the installation trilogy for the festival a/d Werf with prisoners, older people and users of city parks (1992-98). He gave performances with Jacquine van Elsberg and co-organised several improvisation festivals with Katie Duck. He worked at The WaagSociety for old and new media and together with Sher Doruff started a lab unit entitled Sensing Presence. At the moment he is organising live theatre rituals together with Lidy-Six, such as “The Tower of Babel” (Amsterdam, Vienna, Horn, Frankfurt, Maastricht). His latest solo performance is called “Facing the invisible”, a solo with real-time manipulation (Barcelona, Bergen/Norway, Amsterdam). “Frans Poelstra, sein Dramaturg und Bach” was developed in cooperation with Frans Poelstra and premièred at ImPulsTanz 2004.

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