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With Sabine Bitter (A), Claudia Bosse (D/A), Iona Ciobanu (RO), Iosif Kiraly (RO), Eduard Gabia (RO), Mihai Mihalcea (RO), Oleg Soulimenko (A), Klaus Ronneberger (D), Helmut Weber (A) Guests: Anette Baldauf (A), Marina Grzinic (SLO/A), Michael Hofstätter/PAUHOF (A), Horia Marinescu (RO/A)  Moderation: Elke Krasny (A)


With the project Collage Bucharest, Postmodernism or the Paris of the East, Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber have initiated an analysis of urban transformation processes in post-socialist Bucharest against the background of their work on forms and conditions of the production of the city. Capitalisation, privatisation and gentrification processes (changes in inner-city residential areas) not only promote unequal residential, living and working conditions for the population, they also influence cultural practices such as architecture, urbanism, performance and image production.

The questions of Bucharest will be taken up in Vienna and also extended in the sense of performativity. The question will be discussed of whether spatial production through aesthetic settings such as “post-modern” or “modern” can be decoupled from politics or how the political and social are again interconnected with the space and conditions of its production.
The agitation capability of aesthetic practices such as dance, theatre, performance and fine art and their potential in the re-ordering of the relationships of politics, power and space will be dealt with. Standpoints from sociology and architecture accompany the research process.

The Bucharest phase of this project was supported by the Federal Chancellery arts department and the Erste Bank.  

10/29/2005    18.00h Studios