Cie. Willi Dorner (A)



Fri. 20 Jan. - Sat. 21 Jan. (20.30)
Thurs. 26 Jan. - Sat. 28 Jan. (20.30)
Tanzquartier Wien / Hall G

Code 404 is the most common error message in the Internet and means that the desired page cannot be found, no connection is possible. The internationally renowned Viennese choreographer Willi Dorner, holder of the 2000 Austrian Dance Production Prize, created the first version of this piece as a commission for the British company SDT. In his revised work, which has its première in the Tanzquartier Wien, an empty space becomes an arena for seven dancing bodies: the physical boundaries dissolve within the group and open the eyes. The body becomes the mirror and the field of projection of its owner, but of parts split off from our western culture. Fragile, fragmented bodies uncompromisingly cover false promises of entertainment culture, such as immortality or eternal youth – the scenario is intensified by the dense sound environment of the composer Heinz Ditsch . . .

“In 404, fleeing, fighting bodies collide . . . Dorner throws social breakdown and the wonders of hi-tech communication in our faces. Harsh, uncompromising, a powerful and valuable work!”
(The Herald)

Concept and Choreography: Willi Dorner      
Dance and Choreography: Chloé Attou, Karmit Burian, Jarek Cemerek, Martin Dewez, Heide Kinzelhofer, Holly Warren, David Zagari
Composition: Heinz Ditsch
Guitarist: Martin Philadelphy
Lighting design: Tim Skelly
Lighting: Klaus Rink

Production: Willi Dorner & Partner. Co-production: Tanzquartier Wien. With the support of: Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, Arts Office of the Federal Chancellery.

01/20/2006    20:30 Halle G   
01/21/2006    20:30 Halle G   
01/26/2006    20:30 Halle G   
01/27/2006    20:30 Halle G   
01/28/2006    20:30 Halle G