40 Espontáneos



Thurs. 14 Sept. – Sat. 16 Sept. 20.30
Tanzquartier Wien / Halle G

Concept and direction: La Ribot
Performance: Espontanéos
Lighting design: Daniel Demont
Scenery and costume: Karine Vintache and La Ribot

Espontáneos: in Spanish this word describes someone who leaps into the bullfighting ring and steals the toreador’s show. In her current work the exceptional Spanish artist La Ribot, who has received the Spanish National Prize for her unusual works, is working in various cities with 40 people in each, all aged over 40, who have no stage experience at all.
The stage looks disorderly, chaotic, when the audience enter the room. Slowly the play begins. An intensive choreography develops through complicated activities of the completely different actors. Memories will be awakened of the image-rich party stagings in the 1970s cinema. Is this a fiesta, art or pure life?

“Starmania, Big Brother . . . a range of displays of dilettantes. At the end of the spectrum: La Ribot and the 40 Espontáneos, who invent a theatrical Utopia in which the audience and the performers can dream together.”  (Jacques Blanc, Le Quartz)

Artists’ discussion with La Ribot on 15 Sept. following the performance


Production: La Ribot, 36 Gazelles/London. Co-production: Le Quartz/Brest, La Bâtie-Festival/Geneva, Théâtre de la Ville/Paris, Centre Pompidou/Paris, Festival d’Automne/Paris. With the support of: Artsadmin. Viennese version in cooperation with the Spanish embassy in the framework of the 2nd Spanish Music Festival

09/14/2006    20.30 h Halle G   
09/15/2006    20.30 h Halle G   
09/16/2006    20.30 h Halle G