CORRESPONDANCES: 11 Beiträge / An eleven-hour marathon


With: Dalija Aćin (YU), Andrei Andrianov (RUS), Nikolina Pristaš (HR), Eduard Gabia (RO), Helena Golab (PL/E), Krőőt Juurak (EST/A), Márta  Ladjánszki (HU), Nina Meško (SLO), Mihai Mihalcea (RO), Manuel Pelmuş (RO), Alexandra Pirici (RO)Guests: Lisa  Hinterreithner (A), Anne Juren (F/A), Johannes Lernpeiss (A), Moravia Naranjo (VEN/A), Oleg Soulimenko (RUS/A), Doris Stelzer (A), Cezary Tomaszewsky (PL/A), and others
Dramaturgical accompaniment: Emil Hrvatin (SLO)

Outward views, inner views:

“I concern myself with the memory of my hidden body . . .”
                                                       (Mihai Mihalcea)

“An intensive scrutiny of my education and identity, my relation to my past in a closed system, the environment in which I grew up . . .”                                                     ( Manuel Pelmuş)

“Dance is an uncertain place. We never see our bodies from outside, only in reflection.”
(Andrei Andrianov after G. Gurdjieff)

“I withdraw into myself (and avoid the others) . . .”   
                                       (Márta Ladjánszki)

“I would still like to get to the bottom of the conditions and contexts of the beginning of dance . . .”         (Nina Meško)

“I am looking for the connection between the events on the stage and what the audience sees and understands . . .”      (Krőőt Juurak)

The confrontation with the other’s work becomes a discussion with oneself. In an eleven-hour marathon, all the artists involved show excerpts from their working and art practice. In the process the invitees also become inviters: the artists in residence create the opportunity for themselves and the audience to have an exchange with colleagues from the Vienna dance and performance scene.

Tickets: 3,00 €



Artists in residence from eastern and south-eastern Europe in dialogue

After five years of a joint artists-in-residence programme by KulturKontakt Austria and the Tanzquartier Wien, for the first time all previously participating eastern and south-eastern European dance and performance artists are being invited to a dialogue in the Tanzquartier Wien.

Correspondances – also through the deliberate “mistake” of a small a in the word – marks the productive short circuit between dance, response and correspondence. Inasmuch as the artists meet in correspondence and correlation, they give one another a “response” and place their own work in relation to the works of other artists in residence in this programme.

Correspondances brings the invited guests together to question and further develop the concept of this specific residence. Above and beyond this, the policy of the residency in dance in general is also to be researched and analysed. In a joint working week, the invited artists compare their personal experiences and forms of work in order then finally to meet the public in an eleven-hour marathon “correspondence”.
In cooperation with the journal Maska from Ljubljana, an accompanying brochure with contributions by the artists invited and essays by the performance theoretician Bojana Cvejić (YU/B) and the dance critic and author Helmut Ploebst (A) will be published

“Residence programmes have formed the lifestyle of freelances in many  aspects, from workaholism to tourism.”
                                                     (Bojana Cvejić)

A cooperation between KulturKontakt Austria and the Tanzquartier Wien in collaboration with Maska.

06/02/2007    13.00-24.00 h TQW/Studios