Mis-Guide – Stadtverführungen in Wien [Mis-Guide – misguided tours in Vienna]


Participants: Georg Blaschke, Karl Bruckschwaiger, cabula6, Tobias Dörr, Eva Grumeth, Oliver Hangl, Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur with the research group on black Austrian history and present, KagranKollektiv (Patrick Golkowsky, Cornelia Hinterleitner, Stefanie Sandhäugl and Helmut
Preis) Nathalie Koger, Luciano Parodi, Miriam Raggam, Stephanie Rauch, Johann Schneider, Robert Schwarz, Karin Eva Swoboda, the Art Tickles association (Sergius Nolle, Suna Orcun and Özlem Sümerol), Freiraumexperimente association (Florian Brand and Manfred Schwaba) and Fitz/Frassl (July Fritz / Elisabeth Frassl), Lena Winkler-Hermaden and Michael Zinganel.

Concept: Wrights & Sites

For three weeks, with rambles on the wrong track, transient and subtle interventions in the whole urban area of Vienna, the sixteen Viennese groups and individuals – artists and non-artists – break up the everyday and the unusual city structures and divert and misdirect residents’ and visitors’ views of the city.

The concept is provided by the British artists’ collective Wrights & Sites (Stephen Hodge, Simon Persighetti, Phil Smith and Cathy Turner), who have raised flânerie to an art form. The city misguides are oriented on a mythological geography that treats the fictional, fantastic, fragile and personal on an equal basis with the “factual” city history. Authors and walkers become partners inasmuch as they ascribe a (new) meaning to a place. Info at: www.mis-guide.com

The Vienna issue of Mis-Guide leads tour participants to normally inaccessible private places, into the urban wilderness, on safaris through the suburbs, and follows the Vienna tramway as far as Egypt and Tokyo. Everyday routes become excursion destinations, the favourite places of strangers become journeys of discovery. The spectrum ranges from expeditions to blank spots on the city map and the attempt to de-colonialise Viennese cake shops to audio tours led by pure coincidence. In the travel baggage there is also an address book for time travellers, mysterious invitations and a layout plan of hidden emergency exits for attempts to escape the city.

From the 140 concepts submitted, an expert jury from the fields of sociology and town planning (Anette Baldauf), cultural philosophy and anthropology (Herbert Lachmayer), composition and music (Bernhard Lang) and architecture (Bärbel Müller) will select those that will be accompanied by Wrights & Sites up to their three-week implementation in June 2007.


Opening: Mon. 11 June 2007, 19.30

Introduction and preview of all Mis-Guide tours by Wrights & Sites, and a lecture by the philosopher and head of the Da Ponte Institute, Herbert Lachmayer, entitled Walking and Talking into Existence.

Pay as you wish


Mis-Guide – misguided tours in Vienna takes place in the city of Vienna. The detailed information brochure on this is available at the performance venues and box offices of the Tanzquartier Wien and the Vienna Festival.

Tickets available in the Tanzquartier Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna (also payable with creditcard)
Info at +43-1-581 35 91, tanzquartier@tqw.at
Mon - Sat 10.00 - 19.00 h

No reservation possible.

Individual ticket: € 5,50
Package of 5 tours: € 17,50
Package of 10 tours:  € 30,00

Tickets are valid on public transport in Vienna.

Co-production by the Tanzquartier Wien and the Vienna Festival. With the support of the Wiener Linien.