COMMUNITY WORK: Community heißt Gemeinschaft?


The three-day workshop under the direction of Amina Handke,  the artist and programme coordinator of the first Vienna community TV Okto (, and the Congolese dancer and choreographer Faustin Linyekula focuses on the complex field of community work. Central aspects are participation, the analysis of role conceptions and identities, as well as questions of geographical, cultural and social premises.

On the basis of a discussion on the methods and motivations in community work, the aim of the workshop is to communicate the foundations for project work to the creators of dance and performance, to jointly develop project ideas and to discuss their implementation. The starting point is the public presentation of already realised projects and collaborations.
The workshop is aimed at the creators of dance and performance as well as at artists in all branches.
Period: Thurs. / Fri. 12.30 – 17.30, Sat. 13.30 – 18.30, Tanzquartier Wien / Studios
Registration with letter of motivation to Tanzquartier Wien,
Further information at T: +43-1-581 35 91 or

37,00 €          

A project in the context of community work will be realised by Cabula6 in April / May 2007


Project presentations on Thurs. 14 June 18.30

With: cabula6, Crime: Europa, Barbara Kraus distant voices, Hubsi Kramar Soziokulturelle Kunstprojekte des TAT-t.atr, Liz King and the Bgld.breakboyz, Ula Schneider Soho in Ottakring, Michael Regen Verein Wiener Jugendzentren.

Pay as you wish       Tanzquartier Wien / Studios 

06/14/2007    12.30-17.30 h TQW/Studios
06/15/2007    12.30-17.30 h TQW/Studios
06/16/2007    13.30-18.30 h TQW/Studios