Werner Bechter (A)
Body Mind Centering® – evening class

Thur. 20 September – Thur. 13 December 18.00 – 19.30  (Do Thur. 25 October posponed to Wed. 24 October
The class on Thur. 08 November was cancelled.

Please bring warm clothes.

In this continuing course we will explore the possibilities of initiating physical movement from the various body tissues.

Through active visualisation and focusing on internal body tissue and the courses they take, we research the start of a movement, a dance element at a deep bodily and substantial level, and experience its possibilities and effects on the improvisation and dance production in space. Through the development of an inner dialogue with the liveliness of our skin, hair, organs, bodily fluids, bones and more, the most diverse possibilities open up to deepen and multiply the reason, the motives, the starting point of our bodily movement.

On Body-Mind Centering®
Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) is a comprehensive method of researching bodily structures in form and movement. Anatomical and physiological knowledge of the various body systems, knowledge of human movement development and biomechanical principles combine in Body-Mind Centering® with the momentary experience of the body in movement. In relation to dance, BMC promotes movement differentiation, economy of movement, an extension of movement and expression qualities and not least serves to prevent injuries.
Further information at www.bodymindcentering.com


Werner Bechter acquired his contemporary dance and performance training in Vienna and Sydney as well as a Body-Mind Centering® practitioner training in Amsterdam. He works with Tanz*Hotel, Tanztheater Wien, Cataracts, Compagnie Raisin, Volkstheater Wien, Theater d. Jugend and many more. He has been on guest-performance tours to Mexico, Brazil, India, the Middle East, Russia and numerous European countries. He teaches Body-Mind Centring and dance in varying contexts in Belgium, Austria and Egypt.

09/20/2007    18.00-19.30 h TQW/Studios
09/27/2007    18.00-19.30 h TQW/Studios
10/04/2007    18.00-19.30 h TQW/Studios
10/11/2007    18.00-19.30 h TQW/Studios
10/18/2007    18.00-19.30 h TQW/Studios
10/24/2007    18.00-19.30 h TQW/Studios
11/15/2007    18.00-19.30 h TQW/Studios
11/22/2007    18.00-19.30 h TQW/Studios
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